radiosick (radiosick) wrote in born_in_69,

Beehive and The Barracudas?

Has anyone heard this band? They're from San Diego and their great album Plastic Soul is out on Swami Records. I think Petey X of RFTC plays drums and JC2000 plays guitar...or something like that. Anyways, they don't sound like RFTC, but they are really really good. Check them out.
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they are fabulous! i saw them this summer when they toured with the hot snakes.. though i must admit, their lead singer sounds a lil too much like mr. reis, haha.
beehive is a bringyourdancingshoes-hybrid of rocket and hot snakes alike...

the rundown.
jc2000 is doing drums. last i saw them ND was playing bass.
their guitarist was on tour with the hot snakes for the very first tour they did, and played in with them for their latest tour [this summer.]

special tidbit--the singer is Dustin Milsap aka Dirty of No Knife and Rocket from the Crypt fame. the above comment about him being a bit like john? he and john sang and dance together for years in rockets adolescent state--Dirty (Dancing) can most prominently be found on the SDS! tour. influence and projection have to be inconcequential.

[shrug] thats all i know.
Thanks? Did you get the Drive Like Jehu re-release yet? I should look into getting that..
That's was supposed to be "Thanks!" by the way...not "Thanks?"
i don't need the re-release...i still have the originals. they are just fine. heh.
there's three unreleased songs, i think!

i have it the original on vinyl...