lipgloss and letdown. (__x__whisper) wrote in born_in_69,
lipgloss and letdown.

I have a lot of stickers for sale, including rftc
one dollar each

alkaline trio
drive by truckers
doug martch (of built to spill)
ben harper
janes addiction
further seems forever
blink 182
the jicks
stars rise
three days grace
the pale

stickers that i have more than one of

4-superjoint ritual
5- steriogram
4- damone
5- apples in stereo
4- kill the dj
4- death by stereo
2- mount sims
11- the movielife
7- mates of state
7- pennywise
23- catch 22
24- senses fail
5- saves the day
13- dropkick murpheys
20- manic hispanic
rocket from the crypt:
type 1- 17
type 2- 5
patrcik park- 2
atmosphere- 7
burning bridges- 2

i got them all from a local record store.
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