i'd rather be drinking. (drivelikejehn) wrote in born_in_69,
i'd rather be drinking.

tour dates.

Sat. Mar. 15 Englewood, CO - Gothic Theater
Sun. Mar. 16 OFF
Mon. Mar. 17 St. Louis / Detroit - Galaxy / Magic Stick
Tue. Mar. 18 OFF
Wed. Mar. 19 Washington DC - Black Cat
Thu. Mar. 20 NYC, NY 16+ - Bowery Ballroom
Fri. Mar. 21 NYC, NY 21+ - Bowery Ballroom
Sat. Mar. 22 Cambridge, MA - Middle East
Sun. Mar. 23 Philly, PA - Trocadero
Mon. Mar. 24 OFF
Tue. Mar. 25 Montreal, QUE - Cabaret/Club Soda
Wed. Mar. 26 Toronto, ONT - Lee's Palace
Thu. Mar. 27 OFF
Fri. Mar. 28 Columbus, OH - Little Brothers
Sat. Mar. 29 Detroit/St. Louis/Cinci - Magic Stick/Galaxy/Southgate
Sun. Mar. 30 Chicago, IL - Metro
Mon. Mar. 31 Lawrance, KS - Bottleneck
Mar. 31-Apr.9 OFF
Thu. Apr. 10 Phoenix, AZ - Mason Jar / Bash on Ash
Fri. Apr. 11 Las Vegas, NV - Huntridge Theater
Sat. Apr. 12 SLC, UT - Xscape
Sun. Apr. 13 Boise, ID - Big Easy
Mon. Apr. 14 Spokane, WA - Fat Tuesdays
Tue. Apr. 15 OFF
Wed. Apr. 16 Calgary, ALB - Rev /Mac Hall
Thu. Apr. 17 Banff/Whistler, BC
Fri. Apr. 18 Vancouver, BC - Commodore
Sat. Apr. 19 Seattle, WA - Showbox
Sun. Apr. 20 EASTER /OFF
Mon. Apr. 21 Eugene/Portland - WOW/Berbatis
Tue. Apr. 22 San Francisco, CA - GAMH
Wed. Apr. 23 OFF
Thu. Apr. 24 LA, CA - El Rey
Fri. Apr. 25 Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
Sat. Apr. 26 Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
Mon. May 26 San Francisco, CA - Bimbo's
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In New York right around spring break.. interesting.

new york is a little far traveling wise.
now las vegas and los angeles are TOTALLY fair game.

must see rocket at least two times. [nod]
its a necessary-for-my-health thing.
twice as far as the list goes, that is.
my official rocket quota will never be met. i could see them every night and not be satisfied.
but i'm in double digits!
where did you get those? They aren't on the official site or pollstar.com...
join rocket's mailing list ATOMJACK. it's a nice close knit community of rockin kids that knows most information before it is avaliable to everyone else.

sign up instructions are someplace on the www.rftc.com site.

weird...i'm on the rftc list and atomjack.com doesn't have one...but I guess it doesn't matter, I should be at the Philly show!
the rftc list?

ATOMJACK is the only one i know about. it's been around for YEARS....

atomjack@kuci.org and type "subscribe" if i remember correctly.
ok, i'm just an idiot. you were right.
Fucking awesome.
no san diego date?? this sounds fishy.
well, they just played in san diego.
[shrug] they will probably add a couple san diego dates here: Mar. 31-Apr.9 OFF.

generally that is how their schedule ends up.
i always take note. heh.
Mon. Mar. 17 St. Louis / Detroit - Galaxy / Magic Stick
Sat. Mar. 29 Detroit/St. Louis/Cinci - Magic Stick/Galaxy/Southgate

How on Earth is this ever going to work out? There's an 8.5 hour drive between the two...
heh. i think that just means by the time the show is played they will have decided on one of the tentative venues. it is that way for a few cities.

check with rftc.com and pollstar intermittently until they get it cleared up.

Got it.
hmmm . March 20th is looking very good :-D now all I need is some $$