i'd rather be drinking. (drivelikejehn) wrote in born_in_69,
i'd rather be drinking.

many gas tanks later...

funny how we stumble across things...

my name is jen. [waves] i'm obsessed with rocket ftc and have been for nearly 8 years now.
heh...the kind of obsession that yields you to be recognizable and known by name.

eh. i've been photographing the band/sideprojects for quite some time--some of these pictures can be found at my rock photography site.

are any of you on the Atomjack mailing list? that is really the best place for rocket news.

anyhow. thought i'd say hi.

also--did any of you happen to see this letter from apollo 9.? all fans should be able to croon over it.
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Jenn, you have the illest LJ icon ever.
whoa, I check their site often but I never saw that. They are truly the greatest rock and roll band in the world
Ha! I know that name. I still have my atomjack tshirt, though my wife thinks it's a little bit scary.

"...Now when I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head, like I'm saying 'yeeess' to every beat. Yes! Yes! Yes, this rocks! And then sometimes I switch it up, like: No, No, No! Don't stop-a-rockin'!"
Jason S. (old atomjacker)

i still have both of them! they are lovely worn in sleep shirts.

Duh. Forget the orange juice comment. I got confused there. The rest stands though.
yeah. hehe. i'm not Nancy.
Aha--Nancy--now I remember. I better stock up on the gingko biloba.

Shows how much immortality being nice gets you--


PS: To be honest, I had to go to your webpage to figure it out. No wedding pics. Dead giveaway. Impressive bookcase, though.