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Friday, September 30th, 2005

Subject:X-posted...lemme know if it's BUGGING you.
Posted by:polianarchy.
Time:4:03 pm.

Little Steven convinced us to come out to NY one more time.

It will be on Friday Oct. 28th
at Hard Rock Cafe in NY (Times Square in what was once an old wrestling hall)
I don't know the price or ticket info yet. I will post as soon as I know.
This will not be the lengthy revue we have planned for SD as 4 other bands are playing as well (one of which is Gluecifer, I don't know the others).
This is the only other show added.

The bands last show will be Halloween in San Diego.

I apologize to those that are attending the San Diego show who wouldn't have due to this added date.

Gawd fuckkin danggit...I coulda gone to both! I'm already flying from Philadelphia to San D in order to go to the original last show. Shows *ME* to buy my plane ticket so far in advance.
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Thursday, August 26th, 2004

Subject:new HOT SNAKES tour dates. YES.
Posted by:watershipdown.
Time:5:40 pm.
OCTOBER Sun 31 Portland, OR - Bossanova
NOVEMBER Mon 1 Seattle, WA - Neumos Wed 3 Salt Lake City, UT - Club Sound Thu 4 Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre Fri 5 Lawrence, KS - Granada Theatre Sat 6 Chicago, IL - Double Door Sun 7 Detroit, MI - The Magic Bag Mon 8 Toronto, ON - Lees Palace Tue 9 Montreal, QC - La Sala Rossa Sun 14 Boston, MA - Middle East Tue 16 Carrboro, NC - Cats Cradle Wed 17 Atlanta, GA - Echo Lounge Thu 18 Orlando, FL - Social Sat 20 New Orleans, LA - One-Eyed Jacks Sun 21 Houston, TX - Engine Room Mon 22 Austin, TX - Emos Tue 23 Denton, TX - Haileys
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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004

Subject:The last time...
Posted by:deepawake.
Time:11:18 pm.
...RFTC played was in January(at least to my knowledge). Has anyone chaecked out the band that played at the Casbah last week featuring some members of RFTC? If so, what was it like?
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Saturday, December 27th, 2003

Posted by:__x__whisper.
Time:2:17 pm.
I have a lot of stickers for sale, including rftc
one dollar each

single stickersCollapse )

stickers that i have more than one of
multiple stickersCollapse )

i got them all from a local record store.
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Friday, March 21st, 2003

Posted by:thepaperface.
Time:11:12 pm.
I had a dream that Eric was replaced by Mike Watt and the band was staying together.

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2003

Subject:where is the site?
Posted by:citizensugark.
Time:1:42 pm.
where did it go?
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Tuesday, February 11th, 2003

Subject:where is everybody ?
Posted by:laureny24.
Time:10:10 am.
I've got an eye on YOU !!

Good Song.
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Wednesday, February 5th, 2003

Subject:tour dates.
Posted by:drivelikejehn.
Time:3:12 pm.
Sat. Mar. 15 Englewood, CO - Gothic Theater
Sun. Mar. 16 OFF
Mon. Mar. 17 St. Louis / Detroit - Galaxy / Magic Stick
Tue. Mar. 18 OFF
Wed. Mar. 19 Washington DC - Black Cat
Thu. Mar. 20 NYC, NY 16+ - Bowery Ballroom
Fri. Mar. 21 NYC, NY 21+ - Bowery Ballroom
Sat. Mar. 22 Cambridge, MA - Middle East
Sun. Mar. 23 Philly, PA - Trocadero
Mon. Mar. 24 OFF
Tue. Mar. 25 Montreal, QUE - Cabaret/Club Soda
Wed. Mar. 26 Toronto, ONT - Lee's Palace
Thu. Mar. 27 OFF
Fri. Mar. 28 Columbus, OH - Little Brothers
Sat. Mar. 29 Detroit/St. Louis/Cinci - Magic Stick/Galaxy/Southgate
Sun. Mar. 30 Chicago, IL - Metro
Mon. Mar. 31 Lawrance, KS - Bottleneck
Mar. 31-Apr.9 OFF
Thu. Apr. 10 Phoenix, AZ - Mason Jar / Bash on Ash
Fri. Apr. 11 Las Vegas, NV - Huntridge Theater
Sat. Apr. 12 SLC, UT - Xscape
Sun. Apr. 13 Boise, ID - Big Easy
Mon. Apr. 14 Spokane, WA - Fat Tuesdays
Tue. Apr. 15 OFF
Wed. Apr. 16 Calgary, ALB - Rev /Mac Hall
Thu. Apr. 17 Banff/Whistler, BC
Fri. Apr. 18 Vancouver, BC - Commodore
Sat. Apr. 19 Seattle, WA - Showbox
Sun. Apr. 20 EASTER /OFF
Mon. Apr. 21 Eugene/Portland - WOW/Berbatis
Tue. Apr. 22 San Francisco, CA - GAMH
Wed. Apr. 23 OFF
Thu. Apr. 24 LA, CA - El Rey
Fri. Apr. 25 Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
Sat. Apr. 26 Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
Mon. May 26 San Francisco, CA - Bimbo's
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Thursday, December 12th, 2002

Subject:many gas tanks later...
Posted by:drivelikejehn.
Time:8:00 pm.
funny how we stumble across things...

my name is jen. [waves] i'm obsessed with rocket ftc and have been for nearly 8 years now.
heh...the kind of obsession that yields you to be recognizable and known by name.

eh. i've been photographing the band/sideprojects for quite some time--some of these pictures can be found at my rock photography site.

are any of you on the Atomjack mailing list? that is really the best place for rocket news.

anyhow. thought i'd say hi.

also--did any of you happen to see this letter from apollo 9.? all fans should be able to croon over it.
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Tuesday, December 10th, 2002

Posted by:kristadoll.
Time:2:38 pm.
Hi I'm new I've been a fan for a year.

Nice community...
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Saturday, December 7th, 2002

Subject:Beehive and The Barracudas?
Posted by:radiosick.
Time:12:51 am.
Has anyone heard this band? They're from San Diego and their great album Plastic Soul is out on Swami Records. I think Petey X of RFTC plays drums and JC2000 plays guitar...or something like that. Anyways, they don't sound like RFTC, but they are really really good. Check them out.
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Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

Posted by:thepaperface.
Time:6:01 pm.
Getting the ball rolling...

Has anyone heard "Live from Camp X-Ray"? Is it any good?
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Posted by:thepaperface.
Time:5:35 pm.
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